Cover of 'Red and Yellow Leaves'.

Red and Yellow Leaves

by Artem Vaskanyan

"Red And Yellow Leaves" is about self-awareness that I managed to expand through deep Yoga meditation practices during the four seasons. This book consists of 190 short and epic poems written in the ordinary language of poetry in a philosophical way, discussing various aspects of life based on my own intellectual and spiritual growth.

Available in paperback and eBook.

Cover of 'Zek: The Convict'.

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Zek: The Convict

by Artem Vaskanyan

After being released from prison, a Russian "Zek"/Convict finds himself in a state of melancholy. He receives an invitation from his uncle who just became anointed as the Buddhist Zen monk to attend Sesshin, a seven day retreat at the Buddhist Zen Monastery where he is introduced to an ancient practice which unlocks his mind.

Cover of 'Ruminating Years'.

Ruminating Years

by Artem Vaskanyan

"Ruminating Years" is about my life's journey through which I reveal my personal life experience in a poetic way. It consists of 74 short and epic poems that talk about love, despair, happiness and loss, humor, sarcasm, and spiritual and intellectual growth while being incarcerated since the year 2000. But mostly the book reveals the important of being true to oneself, understanding that life is a path on which we attain our spiritual and intellectual growth; and if we do not share our life experience with the rest of the world, then our internal growth will die with us; and our lives will serve no purpose to the ones in need of guidance and we will be forgotten just as swiftly as the clouds pass over us.

About the author

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As an Armenian refugee who migrated from country to country, since his young years — up until being arrested and incarcerated in the year of 2000 — set him on a path in search of spiritual and intellectual growth, making him realize that without self-awareness living a fruitful life can never be fully experienced.