Mouse Trap

by Bobby "King B" Bowen

Ty Magnum entered prison at the age of 19 and lost contact with his family; with 19 years to do and nothing but time "Mag" (his nickname) spends his time "doing" it and not allowing it to do him. He determined that he would grow in three main areas of his life: Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Mag signs up for a write a prison profile and attracts someone who doesn't contact him via mail. The book starts off on Mag's release day, his only goal is to travel Texas and see as many places as possible only stopping as his spirit leads him to...

His goal of "freedom" to do as he pleases is stopped cold. Out in the prison release parking lot stands a beautiful woman, she is stunning and standing next to a BMW; she tells Mag a story that is true but has a hidden agenda. Mag tries to stick to his plan but ends up making one of the biggest mistakes of his life: he gets in the car!

The story from this point has highs and lows as Mag fights to obtain his freedom now that he is free, while fighting himself and childhood demons and at the same time trying to help the girl he got in the car with.

Things don't end well... and in the twist of the story Mag learns where his real issues are coming from both internal and external.

The story ends with Mag gaining a sidekick — a Doberman Pincher pup by the name of Stace, named after the woman he loved and lost in such a short period!

Also Available:

Escaping the Pen:

How Lessons from Doing Time Can Set You Free

by King B and Buddy Love

Available in paperbook or eBook.

You came across our title and you are intrigued. You’ve flipped over our book and are starting to realize that this book is not about two men who dug a three-hundred foot tunnel to freedom, but about two men who dug into themselves and did the hard work of soul-searching while in prison, in order to gain the true meaning of freedom.

On this extraordinary journey, we take readers ‘under our wing’ into prison life from the physical standpoint and then we tie that exact perspective to the mental and emotional prisons that have some of the same and even greater consequential effects.

After making these connections between physical and mental/emotional prisons, we show you how we used our physical circumstance as a tool to gain freedom ‘within’.

It is our hope that through our pain you can gain wisdom and lessons that will save you 'time' in this life that you can never get back. It is our additional hope that as we take you on a journey of prison life, we clearly show you that 'prison' is more than an institution where 'bad' people are sent, but a place where a lot of people send themselves mentally and emotionally. The keys that hold the power to unlock the cages that hold you hostage against your will, lie 'within'; let us lead the way.

Why We Write

We feel that we have made enough mistakes and shortcomings for everyone; and like farmers it is our desire to take the dung from our personal lives and turn it into fertilizer to help others grow. This is why we write.

About the authors

Photo of King B

Bobby “King B” Bowen’s father shot his mother when he was only 7. With his father in prison and his mother fighting to survive in more ways than one way, he was lead into the streets for direction. Gang life in Wichita Falls, TX lead to TYC (Texas Youth Commission) and after a short time of freedom, he received a 30 year sentence in prison. This is where his King was born. Through soul searching, education, and a commitment to growth, he lives a King’s mentality daily as he awaits his physical freedom. His favorite quote is, "The facts of our lives are not as important as our attitude towards them.

Photo of Buddy Love

Donderick “Buddy” Walker started learning hard life lessons early on. Growing up in tough neighborhoods, he learned early on to fight for the things he wanted in life. After being relocated in San Antonio, TX at 15 from Jefferson Parish, LA, due to hurricane Katrina, he got a fresh start in a new city. But like most things, this lead to more growing pains. At 22 years old, he got sentenced to do 15 years in prison; this is where he finally became a man and found his purpose in life was to become an entrepreneur, author, and personal trainer. His favorite quote is, "Be good to the game and the game will be good to you."