Front cover of The Wetness
Back cover of The Wetness

The Wetness

by Beagle Brown

MoMo and Mel both grew up in a diverse ethnic community where neither and fathers around and all they had was each other since elementary school.

One night, at a local house party, Mel got into a confrontation that got both of them kicked out of it, whereas they were there looking to get laid and scorned about jokingly on their way home when they encountered the under-cover cop conspiring with a renowned crime family member that led into a blood bath.

MoMo and Mel still yet complained to each other that they can't be killing every man that they encounter as the police department and the crime family sent in their hitman to locate the perpetrator(s).

The hitman and MoMo met at a night club that lead to a rendezvous that had both of them distracted of the common rule...survival of the fittest.

Ramel was sitting in a restaurant when he witnessed MoMo murder a mugger that tried to attack her that the police detective informed the crime family that whoever killed the mugger, killed the undercover and their associate because of the matching ballistics. Ramel was stunned and wondered if he could avoid the wetness.

About the author

Born in Bronx, NY in 1970. Grew up in the low country area of Charleston, SC; single college educated. One of the very few craftsmen of the universe with a prolific articulancy that takes literary entertainment to another plane of mental euphoria.