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Walking on Water:

The Ripple Effect

by Bobby Ferrel

Dealing with cause and effect, has Christopher struggling to control his anger. The cause being racism, with the effect being the death of his parents. Having only his grandmother and Padre Perez to center him in Christ, as he copes with all of life's punches. After receiving a miracle. Everything seems to be looking up. Until his world is shaken, when homegrown terror comes knocking at his door. When his family is targeted for being Christians. His old self begins to emerge. Did he really change or just suppress his inner demons for a time?

Having to make a choice. Will Christopher hold on even tighter to his faith? Believing he too can step out of the boat and walk on water. Or will he ultimately succumb to rage and revenge? Causing him to let go and lose sight of God, while drowning in his own sorrow.

In the wake of his decision, which ripples will abound into the world, leaving a lasting effect?

About the author

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Bobby Ferrel is a Roman Catholic, author, poet and scholar, residing in Houston, Texas. He studied theology at Duke University Divinity School in North Carolina.