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Learn the five principles of finance in Self-Made: How to Win by Investing in Yourself. Available now in paperback or eBook.

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About Carling

He is a military veteran, a father of four, and on a mission to educate others about finance.

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About the book

Self-Made: How to Win by Investing in Yourself

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Self-Made: How to Win by Investing in Yourself is a great book that provides multiple ways you can generate cash flow that will fund your IRA account or your life, if you choose to not use an IRA. This book is broken down into five individual chapters that help you get an understanding of finance and financial products in the market.

Chapter One is dedicated to giving you a basic understanding of the principles of finance. These five principles are like a guide to the rest of the book and open your eyes to being a boss instead of a consumer.

Chapter Two goes into the players in the financial markets who either provide financing or make the markets. You get to see the big institutional players such as insurance companies, banks, and others that are involved on Wall Street and Main Street.

Chapter Three starts the meat and potatoes portion of the book, where you are introduced to the self-directed IRA and how you can benefit from converting to one. I give you information on the difference between a traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and one where you control what you purchase (self-directed IRA). This chapter is the whole basis for the rest of the book.

Chapter Four is all about various products and ways you can generate cash flow for your account or yourself, if you choose. I go over various ways you can get into real estate, products such as annuities, insurance, life settlements, and so much more. This chapter is about creating a long-term strategy and describes some short-term products with varying risks; it is also the longest portion of the book as it's about chess, not checkers.

Chapter Five ends with ways you can protect your newfound wealth and pass it on if you're looking to create generational wealth. I give you information in creating trusts, having insurance, and even ways to keep your ex from getting a check if you're divorced. All of the other chapters in this book are packed with great information for anyone seeking to get out of the rat-race, and I suggest you read and tell a friend to tell a friend.

About the Author

Carling D. Colbert, Sr.

Carling D. Colbert, Sr.
I'm a military veteran and the father to four gifted children. I served my country for eight years that included two combat tours, one to Iraq and the other to Afghanistan. My mission, since 2014, has been to spread financial literacy and give education to the underserved members of society.

I was once part of the rat race before I went to college for a bachelor's degree in Business and later on taught myself the basics of finance. I can tell you from experience that being financially ignorant hurts, and not just you, but entire generations can be affected. I got into finance after ending up in military confinement where I hadn't accumulated any assets and was left with thousands of dollars in consumer debt and liabilities. This caused me to reevaluate my life and the previous choices I'd made, which led me to correspondence college courses and investing in every book I could find on the subjects of money, finance, business, and the psychology of wealth. The culmination of my studies created Self-Made: How to Win by Investing in Yourself and my upcoming Money Master Series that will breakdown each element of my C.I.T.R.A.S. method.

My actions and studies not only led me to write several manuscripts, but to also start finding ways to give back. I decided that a portion of all sales from every book that I'll publish will go to funding a project I call Operation HOT GRITS, which stands for helping our troops get reintegrated to society that will help ex-military felons find living situations. The long-term goal is to have operations in Texas, New York, North Carolina, and Kansas with the home base being in Georgia. The project will look to provide jobs, housing, temporary transportation, and financial education so the recruits can be successful in their communities. There is already a GoFundMe page setup for donations that can be found via Darchelly Pretty on Facebook if you'd like to do more. Also, a large donation will go to help Autism Speaks as I have several family members with this diagnosis; and to finish it off I intend to make a yearly donation to a charity of my family's choice that will help women and children who have experienced abuse. I can't do anything about the past, but I am looking to effect change and by you purchasing this book, you're helping me make that happen.

Contact Carling:

I am up for receiving any fan mail, questions, concerns, or criticism you may have about me or any publications I have written thus far. As of now, you can contact me at the address below:

Carling D. Colbert, Sr.
1300 N Warehouse Rd
Ft. Leavenworth, KS 66027-2304

If my address should change, I will gladly let you know. Thank you all and may The Great Architect of the Universe bless you all.