Front cover of House of Brittle Bones
Front cover of House of Brittle Bones

Genetic Heroes: The Beginning

by Christopher Stamper Sr. and Michael McCarron

The young high school students, Chris Stamper and Mike Smith, with their girlfriends, plus two other friends, go on a cruise for spring break. A freak hurricane hits and the cruise ship gets pushed into the Bermuda Triangle. Their genetics change due to the mystic abilities of the Bermuda. The ship crushes and leaves these young kids stranded on an island. How can they survive and get home? How will they fight the villains and go to school, learn how to use their abilities? Can they handle it all? Find out.

Available in epub or paperback.

About the author

My name is Christopher Stamper. I'm 29 years old. I was born in West Monroe, Louisiana on February 24, 1992. I'm in prison fighting for my freedom and changing a lot in my life with people and my career. I have kids and I'm engaged. I have learned who my friends and family are through this experience. I met my best friend and co-author through this. I'm a back-woods country boy. I have done and accomplished a lot in my life. Now I'm terminally ill, so, I got into writing because a lot of people in my life told me I have a talent in writing and I have the imagination to be an amazing writer, but I can't spell or punctuate properly. So, I hope you enjoy this book series and enjoy every book series we write.