"All Good a Week Ago is a one of kind book and there isn't a character like Vegas Wolfchild."


-Clay Church, author of "All Good a Week Ago"


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All Good a Week Ago

Cover of 'All Good a Week Ago'

ALL GOOD A WEEK AGO is an introduction to Vegas Wolfchild who, prior to six months ago, was kidnapped. Now, after being home for six months, she is still traumatized, and she wakes up yelling and aiming her pistol. Vegas is an ex-undercover cop who became a P.I. who extorts, cons, and flat out robs those who hire her in most cases. All her cases, until this week, involved the streets in Detroit but this week she took two cases that seemed safe and different but ended up being just as dangerous if not more.

The first case she takes is from the Lieutenant Mayor who happens to be the mayor's stepmother that hired Vegas to find out who the mayor is having an affair with. With inside information, Vegas takes the case with the intention of getting all the money she can get out of the Lt Mayor while giving up little to no information, since it's Vegas' best friend that is sexing the mayor.

The second case Vegas takes is searching the city to find a 16-yearold runaway girl from Atlanta, who happens to be in Detroit. Flex, the 16-year-old's Transvestite uncle, hires Vegas and from the start Vegas' dislike for Flex is clear and she suspected something wasn't right about him or his story. Vegas takes the case with thoughts of keeping the girl away from Flex if she was to find her.

Not really taking the cases seriously, Vegas does the minimum to solve them until both bring bullets and money raining down on her. When her past enemies pop up behind both cases and loved ones come up missing, Vegas finds herself desperate to finish one case to focus on the other, which brings her face-to-face with her most dangerous foe.

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