Poetic Healing

"The Concrete Jungle" is a collection of poems about the author's journey to rehabilitate himself while incarcerated.

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About the author

Cornell Hurley Jr. is a loving father and a man that is not afraid to express how he truly feels.

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About the book

The Concrete Jungle Bears No Shade

Cover of 'Hopeless in Seattle: A Foster Kid's Manifesto'

This is a book about emotions...Ours...theirs...maybe yours...but without a doubt, Cornell Hurley Jr.'s emotions. This is a book about how at the age of twenty-five, he was sentenced to serve twenty-five years in prison. Not willing to accept defeat, he found a way to truly rehabilitate himself. With nothing but time standing between his family, friends, dreams, and freedom, he began to write. While confined within "The Concrete Jungle," he began to express himself through poetry. Poetry has allowed for him to mentally and emotionally escape the confining walls of "The Concrete Jungle" which bears no shade. This is a book about the love and pain that Cornell Hurley Jr. has endured throughout his incarceration. Experience the highs and lows as you thumb through what can only be compared to an emotional rollercoaster. This is a book for poetry lovers, this is a book for the emotionally scared.

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Notes from the author

Cornell Hurley Jr.

  • I want to thank everyone who purchased a copy of "The Concrete Jungle Bears No Shade," from the bottom of my heart.
  • Though you are not in control of every aspect of your life, doesn't mean you cannot be the author of your own story.
  • I am not an author, I am just comfortable with being vulnerable to the world.
  • You can find great power at the point of a pen.
  • Writing has allowed me to be free while confined.
  • The Concrete Jungle may not bear shade but those who are held captive by its walls and barbwire have yet to give up.
  • Love is a universal language in which we all speak and understand. Speak you and speak the truth, speak love.
  • Life is only poetry in motion.
  • "Try to pursue excellence with no excuses." - Bill Campbell
  • Don't forget to buy another copy of "The Concrete Jungle Bears No Shade."
  • Is true love fiction or a reality?
  • I am enjoying this journey, which I pray will never end...
  • "My poems are indelicate. But so is life." - Langston Hughes
  • I can only dream of what is possible, so I always dream of you and I. I believe in what we can be.

About the Author

Cornell Hurley Jr.

Cornell Hurley Jr.

Cornell Hurley Jr. does not see himself as an author. He likes to think of himself as a man who has found a way to express himself through written words.

Although he is currently serving time on a twenty-five-year prison sentence, he refuses to consider himself an inmate. For over seven years he has not allowed his current situation to hold him back. “The Concrete Jungle” has only challenged him in ways that have made him the man he is today.

Today he stands a published author, a loving father, and a man that is not afraid to express how he truly feels. It's only natural that he began writing while confined. Writing is a lonely occupation where rejection is the norm, a feeling he knows too well. Unfortunately, he cannot rewrite his wrongs for which he was convicted. However, starting with “The Concrete Jungle Bears No Shade”, he can begin to change the narrative.

Mr. Hurley is a man who does not live by society's standards but a man who creates his own.