About the Book

Tough Decisions Fitness

I started TDF years ago because I couldn't find a fitness program to best fit my workout goals. So many of my friends showed me a lot of exercises to do but none of them worked for me. They couldn't deliver the kind of workout I felt my body needs so I made a book called Tough Decisions Fitness by TDF. I wish the best to you whoever comes across this book. I hope that it is very helpful to you in your exercise journey. If you share my passion for working out then it is my mission to bring you the best workouts ever. It's my goal to deliver you with as much value as possible. I want you to be amazed. I'm willing to go the extra mile to make it happen. TDF will help you get to a healthier you.

Teachings from Experience

Teachings From Experience is a book born from an extraordinary story of hope. This story will provide you with daily positive affirmations on the road to successful recovery. I hope this book will help you on your path to recovery forever. The journey is your destination.

About the Author

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Hal Bassow is the founder/creator of TDF-Fitness. Sharing his passion for fitness with others around the world TDF-Fitness is finally here. I've had my own problems related to my health conditions; with TDF that's now a thing of the past.