Fallen Earth

In the aftermath of an eight-year war, survivors struggle to pick up the pieces, with war looming always looming in the shadows.

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About the author

J.W. Ledbetter is a new author, but he plans to pursue his passion for storytelling for the rest of his life.

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About the book

Fallen Earth: The Newcomer

Cover of 'Fallen Earth: The Newcomer'

For eight years humanity fought against the Bolst armada, crippling civilization with a biogenetic weapon unleashed across the globe. Where the rest of the world fell, Russia, the last human bastion, delivered a final blow, devastating the alien fleet and leaving the Bolst stranded on earth. Seventeen years after the fall, humanity has survived in pocket communities, many forming rivalries and returning to the depths of war. Meanwhile, the few survivors of the Bolst fleet continue to loom in the shadows.

In the community of Sanctuary, Thomas Clarke watches over his home during the shaky aftermath of war, and the delicate peace that holds two cultures apart, but ready to fight once more.

Almost a decade after her son's kidnapping, Laura Krell has never lost hope as she continues to search for her ex-husband, the man who stole her son, so she can bring her child home. Her search is stunted by the threat of returning war from the north as she navigates dangerous times to help her community.

Korvik Tsyerkov, a veteran of the Bolst war, has traveled from his homeland to cross the vast ocean and explore what remains of humanity. As he finds himself in the center of two societies struggling to maintain peace, he will have to rely on his wits and skill, while both factions decide what to make of...The Newcomer

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About the Author

J.W. Ledbetter


J.W. Ledbetter is a budding new author with a passion for story telling that he intends to pursue throughout his lifetime. This is his first publication. He spent twenty-one years in Springfield, Oregon and found endless beauty in his "Emerald Pine City" that inspired much of his setting. He currently resides at Oregon State Correctional Institution, in Salem, but finds plenty of escape into the world he has begun to create.

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Jordan Ledbetter
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J.W. Ledbetter