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The Composmentis

by Michael Bryant

The is a book of poetic justice. Whether you believe in God or not, we are all connected by our deeds, beliefs or disbeliefs, thoughts and actions. It is not my story, but all our stories wrapped into one giant symphony of a life and humanity, being the instruments of life with no part being greater or less than the other. So, ask yourself this question, "Why does humanity suffer?" A question I have asked myself many times over. Obviously, life serves a purpose, but what purpose and how do we find the answer? Well, this book is not the answer, but could be one of the many keys to unlocking the answers within yourself. There are many paths to the truth and this may or may not be the one. Yet, you will never know until you explore the many doors of opportunities, such as this book. We want and desire a lot of things in life, but most, if not all, is out of ignorance, which means that we may be the corporates of our own suffering and others, as well. So, what happens when we become enlightened? What then will we want and desire for ourselves and others alike?

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I am presently incarcerated and have been since 1988 at the age of 18. My claims of innocence have never interested those in authority, nor raise an eyebrow in the name of justice. It's true, “You can't judge a book by its cover”, but many do and I guess that's why I'm still incarcerated. Nevertheless, I continue to endure spiritually, grow mentally and stay strong physically. My foundation has always been the concept of spirit, mind, and body. The balance I longed for that resulted in...