Front cover of B.B.U.
Back cover of B.B.U.

Be Confident. Be You.


by Monique Houston

B.B.U. is for every young girl and woman who is still trying to figure things out. So many times throughout our lives, we are asked to be 'less than.' By doing so, we mask who we really are. In return, we are unable to reach our full potential. B.B.U is the total opposite. You will discover your worth and embrace every part of you in the process. It's okay to be 'you'. It's okay to be different. And it's absolutely okay to choose you. Step into your greatness, even if that greatness is completely different from what everyone else wants it to be.

About the author

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Monique Houston is 34 years old and was born and raised in Southwest Louisiana. She successfully earned her AA in General Studies and BA in Mass Communication, both through Ashland University. She discovered her gift of writing, and after commitment and consistency, she is more than happy to present her first motivational-inspirational book.