About the Book

This book will take you on a journey through:

- Being in bondage for all the good and bad in life.

- Getting caught up in worldly things.

- Being rich or poor.

- Losing control of what's most important.

- Making the wrong choices and having to suffer from them.

- Understanding what is right and wrong.

- Turning to God to save your soul.

Message from the Author

My name is Patrick A. Walton. I was born in a small city in Mississippi located at the top of the Delta named Charleston. I'm the second child of four born to Mrs. Janie Walton Shelton, my precious mother, whom I love dearly.

I was raised right, but took a left turn. From there I went into bondages.

For most of my adult life I suffered from drug addiction. During that time in my life I was in bondages. There's different type of bondage that we suffer from. Through my pain and suffering and some choices I made in my addiction, it inspired me to share some views about bondages that's in this world we live in. Now, today I am sober and living a productive life.

Even though we live in bondages, you don't have to stay in bondages and suffer. I thank God I got this opportunity to share some of my views about life and some of the things that's happening around the world. I would like to dedicate this book to my daughter, Chavon Henderson and my nephew, Desmond Walton. Whom I love with the utmost respect.

Thanks to my readers of Bondages,
Patrick Walton, Author