About the Book

The material in this volume was inspired by God from His heart to mine and it is now published with much gratitude and with your hearts in mind. Things in the world today have had a stimulating effect on just about everyone, therefore, professional poets as myself have been spokesmen for the inarticulate and a host of other unknown writers have acquired or should acquire reputation. An immense amount of poems have been written by soldiers around the world in active service just to get through the day and that is what this little book is for, something to help you get through the day. It should be apparent that I am not a sectarian in art, abut am thankful for poetry wherever I find it. I have endeavored to make clear the artistic, intellectual, and spiritual significance of many of our situations in life today. The difficulties of such an undertaking are obvious; but there are two standards of measure. One is the literature of the past, the other is the life of today. Let go of the past so that you may enjoy the life that you have in front of you today. In this little book I hope that you will see the past as that, the past, and then see the life you have today and be thankful for everything that you have gone through in the past but let it go and be thankful for the life you have today and everything that you will endure in the path to a wonderful life.

About the Author

Roger D. Johnston was born in 1965 in Tallahassee, Alabama where he lived with his father and siblings. Roger and his family moved to Texas while he was at a young age and while in Texas, Roger was taken from his father and was placed in foster care where he remained until he was the age of eighteen.

At the age of eighteen, Roger moved back to Alabama and lived there for a few years and then he moved back to Texas where he met his wife. Roger and his wife had a son in 1997 and when Roger was thirty-seven years old, he was charged with a crime that he did not commit, and he received a forty-year prison sentence for this crime.

While Roger was serving this sentence, he gave his life to God and while living for God, Roger has received a bachelor's degree in Theology, Master's in Christian Counseling, Doctor's in Christian Education, Ph.D. in Theology and his Paralegal Assistance Certification.

While Roger was doing all of this in order to change his way of thinking, he began to listen to God and writing all the things down that God was putting on his heart and that is how this book came alive and it is STRAIGHT FROM THE HEART, mine and God's.