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How the Bones May Fall

by Roger Teas

This book is a small compilation of poems during a brief period of time by Roger Teas. The book was written out of the prompts of his friends that his poetry was good, but also as an experiment to understand the workings of his own mind.

Available in hardcover, paperback and ebook.

After over a decade of study and meditation about various philosophies and religions, Roger Teas needed some sort of outlet to convey some of the abstract thoughts that those theories may produce. The writing of the poems, and the subsequent publishing of them, have become a tool to measure the structure of his psychology. The poems are not intended to be a masterpiece, or a conclusion, but actually only a beginning, if anything.

The sidelight to the book is also to convey to the local and larger audience the other aspects of a personality that was lost in a media sensation of a horrible crime; one that would normally be deemed legally insane at the verdict, but is not in Alaska due to obscure insanity laws, leaving Roger Teas, who was named Jason Abbott, to serve a virtual life sentence for a crime he did not intend to commit. In his eyes, the harshest judgement was being portrayed as something he's not, and these poems give him an opportunity to convey the other sides of himself, even if they are not perfect or the most accepted. In a day and age of liberty and expression, it is the freedom to be as the personality was created that has the most value to his eyes. The title How the Bones May Fall is an allusion to exactly that: there is no re-creating a voodoo divination, it must be read as it is. This book is a brief glimpse into Roger Teas and his mind, as is.

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Roger Teas was found legally insane under Alaska's verdict of guilty but mentally ill for murders he did not intend to commit. He sought answers for the discrepancies in the field of psychology through philosophy and religion. These poems are a brief glimpse of what he has found.

Born as Jason Abbott in Sitka, Alaska, and being incarcerated at the immediate adult age of 18, he thinks that there has been no other source of information about himself or his reputation besides what has been provided through the media of his crime. While not intended to paint a perfect picture, the words of these poems are meant to shed light on the other aspects of his personality.

Roger Teas has studied philosophy and practiced occult religions for over a decade before the publishing of these poems, and has periodically wrote poetry throughout that time. He has no official certificates or degrees in art, but does not limit himself from the possibility. At the moment, he believes the freedom of expression is the greatest liberty of all.