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Money Measures Faces

A Yani Story, Vol. 1

by Roland "Booney D" Ellison

Available in hardback, paperback, and ebook.

Yani grew up in Springfield, Mass., AKA Small City. At an early age she ran a crew of bad bitches who lined niggaz up for bricks and large money bags. She quickly became a hood icon named the black widow. Her body count matched any gunner in the Small City. Her meekness and vision made drug plugs from all over fall in love with this ambitious killer. After serving time in the feds, she has a daughter and regains her elite status in the Small City. She invades the Small City with an army of goons, taking over all coke and fentanyl distribution while warring with all major cartel families, the Family Cartel being her arch enemy. She manipulates Wall Street players who are corrupt with greed, finding herself investing in big businesses such as oil and other major stocks. Yani, the Queen of the Small City, belittles her ops with money murder and betrayal. Nobody is safe in the Small City — in fact, nobody is safe anywhere. See sees, she comes, she conquers.

About the author

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Roland "Booney D" Ellison, a pure writer with more than twenty years of writing. He also writes short movie scripts and kids books. Currently incarcerated in Shirley, Mass. He is mostly focused on his book legacy, school, and re-entering society and he will continue his book expedition and also attend college.

A native of Illinois, Roland lives in Massachusetts with his family.