Old Lady Parker gives the final chapter of her chronicle and passes her mantle on to another. Available in paperback or ebook.

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A new doctor is in town, and he has a psychosis darker and more disturbing than his own patients. Is there hope for salvation for anyone inside Stonewall Asylum?

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About the books

Legend of the Widow Maker: Myth Is Not That Far From Legend

Cover of 'Hopeless in Seattle: A Foster Kid's Manifesto'

In this third installment of The Widow Maker Trilogy, the sun has started to set on the final breaths of the life of ex-prostitute, ex-drug addict, homeless old lady Sheila Parker. She struggles through a weakened immune system and a malaria like fever while she finishes telling the dynamic account of Carlos MacIntyre, who has awoken from his slumber in the Bayous of Louisiana. After the hunt had begun for him behind the trail of dead bodies he left in the aftermath of "The Rise of the Widow Maker," he has returned so that he might protect his work — the legacy of the Light of Death Himself, The Widow Maker - which was being mocked by copycat murderers.

Through her blurred vision, night sweats and confused thoughts, Old Lady Parker gives the final chapter of her chronicle and passes her mantle on to another, so that she might finally be released from her lot of telling Carlos's cursed story, night after night, for all times in this life.

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The God Complex: Chronicles of the Stonewall Asylum

Cover of 'The God Complex'

Built into the backdrop of a remote hillside deep in the bayous of New Orleans, Louisiana sits Stonewall Plantation. Dr. Marcus Rutowski, the esteemed psychiatrist of rare case studies has recently transferred his private practice there from the University of Minnesota campus in downtown Minneapolis, to assume a personal caretaker position to old Henry Lee Stonewall, the last known living descendant of Stonewall lineage. After old man Stonewall's health mysteriously deteriorates and no relatives exist to inherit the Stonewall grounds, Dr. Rutowski acquires the property through a forged living will. Then he converts the plantation into his very own private psychiatric facility. For the newly acquired patients of Stonewall Asylum, therapy is filled with dark revelations. Criminals undergoing routine psychiatric evaluations are committed before trial under panic-induced psychosis. In-housed patients regularly disappear from group, along with any record of them ever being admitted to the facility after being summoned to Dr. Rutowski's office for private routine therapy sessions. The remaining patients notice that the groups are getting smaller but won't dare say a word. For whoever speaks out against the good doctor will more than likely be the next one missing from group. Mortifying screams ravage the halls of the asylum in the late hours of the night. What secrets lay behind the doors of Stonewall Asylum? A place where the tending physician has a psychosis darker and more disturbed than that of his own patients, a psychosis that sees all of his patients as mind puzzles that only he can fix. However, for those suffering from extreme amoral behavior, their only hope of salvation will be through The Light of Death Himself . . . The Widow Maker.

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About the Author

Zoez Lajoune

Photo of Zoez Lajoune

Zoes Lajoune was born in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. He studied creative writing at the College of St. Scholastica in Duluth Minnesota, under Dr. Zelman. He now lives in Coleraine, Minnesota.