The First Revelations

tHe satanic quran

from the apostle of satan

             Unlike any book before, the Satanic Quran encourages READERS all around the world to submit a surah in this book in their own language, thus compiling a universal Quran. The intro explains the reason this book exists and the need for it in modern day society. The preface explicates why the surah's are written the way they are and it also contains the "Satanic challenge." This book is a direct revelation from the Iblis or Satan to humankind of the secrets of humanity and life that are hidden from them in almost plain site by religions and societies of the world. Also included, is a never before seen Satanic ceremony designed for Satanists that derive from an Islamic background, called the "Red Jumu'ah." These revelations are the beginning of the end of the Satanic Canon.

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For those desiring to submit a surah or correspond with me, my contact info is here. If the surah or correspondence is to my liking, I will respond to YOU if and when I deem fit by the will of Satan, we will have an effective dialog. Any correspondence that is threatening, disrespectful or inappropriate will be immdeiately discarded with no response.

For fellow members of the Church of Satan wishing to correspond with me, proof that you are a member must be provided thus, allowing me the surety to discuss with you particular matters permitted for the initiated.
John Booker
Federal Correctional Institution
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