About the Book

Your feet form the foundation for everything you do. This book gives a comprehensive education on everything you need to know about the care and wellness of your feet from inside your body and out. It looks at the effects of inflammation, arthritis, stiff ankles, balance, posture, and other factors that contribute to the positive and negative functioning of our feet. A lot is written from first-hand experience.

Did you know that how you eat contributes greatly to your feet wellness? Or that the strength of your core has a direct impact of how you walk? This book also looks at the many external things you can do for the benefit of your feet from reflexology, exercises, easy at-home pedicure treatments including soaks and exfoliation scrubs. It also focuses on joint mobility training.

Your feet age less than any other body part so why not use that to your advantage? Feet wellness does affect your self-esteem. It affected mine for many years. My weird gate, strange looking feet, etc. As a person who has suffered with many feet-related issues for most of his life, the research and writing of this book has been a labor of love. I suspect there are others who could benefit from all the work that went into this project. Feet wellness is serious business. Don't neglect them.

Available in paperback and ebook.

About the Author

Kevin Harmon was a reporter, editor, and page designer for newspapers before returning to school to obtain degrees in health education and culinary arts. He's worked as a personal fitness trainer and personal chef. As a wellness professional, he's shifted his focus to functional fitness, senior wellness, and training the special population segment. He's certified in personal training and senior fitness. He was a student-athlete in high school and college and attended Lake Land College, the University of Washington-Platteville, and the Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago. He covered high school, college, and professional sports for the Kansas City Star, Syracuse Post-Standard, the Indianapolis Star, and the Post-Tribune of NW Indiana. He's written about fitness for a variety of magazines including American Fitness, Windy City Sports, AARP The Magazine, and Midwest Outdoors. He resides in Chicago. He is the author of Reflections Along the Des Plaines River, A Brother Who Wines, and Giving Father Time the Finger — A Guide to Senior Wellness.