About the Book

Bitten by depression. Consumed by self-destruction. Validated by a woman. If it all sounds complicated, then meet LaDecerrio Lloyd. A man who can't look forwards without always running back to the past. With his young love getting older and old habits growing costly there's plenty of decisions to be made. And if his history doesn't kill him then the city just might.

A story of a man coming to terms with himself. Two parts love mixed with just as much hate staring back even from the mirror. And the rest is all just a test Cerrio really can't afford to fail.

Available in paperback and ebook.

About the Author

Mehmet Ali has been writing for years but this is his first published novel. His coast to coast life has led him from the salty beaches of South Carolina to the cold mountains of Washington state. No matter where he goes, risk is always in the air. He currently lives in the present.