About the Book

U.S. Navy vet, Mark St. James, is a recovering alcoholic and a private investigator. Kiara Benson is a young woman who becomes the sole witness to a crime she wants to forget. Accepting Kiara's case, Mark sees this as a chance for redemption.

Available in paperback and ebook.

About the Author

Nicolae Andrews was born on an Army base in Arizona and spent his childhood in rural Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. Growing up he enjoyed going to school, hanging out with his cousins playing war games and Atari, showing off his math skills to anyone who would pay attention, seeking to be the center of everyone's world, and his favorite past time — reading. He purports to have read over 5,000 books so far and has had a dream to write his own novels since being a small boy. His favorite authors as a young man ranged from Judy Bloom to Dean Koontz and he has found inspiration for his own writing through authors such as Michael Crichton, John Sandford, Jon Land, Terry Brooks, and Robert Jordan.At the age of 42, he lives in rural Kansas where he writes during his free time, watches movies, hangs out with friends and family, and continues his age-old pastime. Known among his brethren for both his wild comedic lifestyle and eccentric nicknames, such as McRuffkis and Stick, he tries to enjoy life to the fullest capacity he can. His only desire is to create and leave behind a legacy of laughter and a library of his own.