Front cover of 2-6 Mafia: Murder on the Horizon
Front cover of 2-6 Mafia: Murder on the Horizon

2-6 Mafia:

Murder on the Horizon

by Selo Sunkist

When two dark and dangerous paths collide loyalty and deception lay in the balance. Cumberland County becomes a war zone between two rivals. The Fayetteville Police Department and a lethal criminal organization are in an all-out blood spill over money and power. Family becomes enemies, best friends become snakes. When your life is on the line, who can you trust? Revenge lies in the heart of corrupted cops revealing a blood-thirsty motive to kill. Come take a ride with the author on a journey that will captivate your mind. Welcome to the "26."

Available in paperback or ebook.

About the author

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Selo Sunkist is from the streets of Fayetteville, North Carolina. He is the CEO of Zionna fashion boutique and is involved in his community as an activist. He is also a motivational speaker and poet. He is on the front line helping pave the way for the less fortunate. Remember, knowledge means nothing without knowing how to apply it.