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Trapped N Da Trap

What would you do if you were trapped? Trapped by the vicious control of systemic racism. Trapped in the ghetto where your head is on a swivel, like it's World War III. Trapped because you're an endangered species hunted by the boys in blue and by people with the same hue as you.

This is real life! No sugar coatin'. Explicit reality. Trapped by poverty on every corner. Drugs on every corner. Miseducation on every corner. You're cornered! Where you gonna go? Right into the trap and you don't even know. This is the story of a Black man that does something about it. Or at least tries...

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A Pimp Named Midget Mack

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About the Author

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Eric Chavis, aka Ay Streetz, aka Thot King, is a Rap Artist/ Songwriter/ Producer/ Performer/ Hustler/ Entrepreneur and now an Author. He attended Alabama A&M University majoring in Business and Marketing. Afterwards he pursued his dreams of becoming a Rap Artist so he could provide for his family. Success was looming in the infancy of his rap career where he went viral generating over 20 million views for his music videos independently. Unfortunately, his dreams turned into a nightmare as he stands wrongfully convicted of a crime that he is innocent of. Incarcerated with no microphone to channel his creativity, he found storytelling in literature as a way to express himself lyrically. Exemplifying the epitome of resiliency in a cramped, paint peeling, mold smelling, water dripping ceiling ever time it rains, cell that metaphorically is his cocoon. Where he continues to further his education and write feverishly hoping that his novels are like butterflies that pollenate the minds of everyone that reads them.