About the Book

Cover of 'The Galactic Island'

Writing a book is hard... but if you want people to actually read it, the REALLY hard part comes after it's on the market. This book will take you through all the author's best tips and tricks for getting your book noticed and selling. What's more, he does it specifically with the limitations of the imprisoned author in mind! Discarding things that are typically out of reach for someone behind bars, Frank focuses on marketing options that most people can do even from a jail or prison cell. With years of experience in the book industry, with marketing, and with working with the incarcerated, Frank lays it all out in his easy-to-read style with practical advice, ideas, and concepts. In prison? Wrote a book? Then you NEED this.

About the Author

Frank Raemond has been in the book industry for literally decades. Much of his time has been spent working with incarcerated authors directly both pre- and post-publishing. He prefers reading (and writing) fiction over non-fiction, but sometimes a book just screams inside your head to be written. He lives with his wife in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where - literally - the mountains meet the ocean.