Traditionally one of the most popular ways to make a major announcement for public consumption, a Press Release can be used to get your announcement in the hands of hundreds or even thousands of media outlets: newspapers, television, radio, and more.

You don't want to miss out on this chance to get your book's release announcement out to these places, and we have a trio of ways to help you accomplish this: Press Release Write-Up, and either our Basic or Advanced Distribution options.

Press Release Write-Up: This is the choice to make if you plan to distribute the press release yourself, or if you plan to use it for other than our regular distribution channels. It is included in both our Basic and Advanced Distribution options automatically. $99

Basic Distribution: It says 'basic', but is it really just 'basic' when your message goes out to hundreds of major media outlets? We write your press release according to industry standards and make sure it gets out to over 250 different media outlets. You will see results start populating the Google search from major national and local news sources. $499

Advanced Distribution: Simply put, this is just like our Basic Distribution, but going out to thousands (over 4,500 outlets!) instead of hundreds. More exposure = more coverage = more sales. Simple math, really. $899

For both Distribution options, we will provide you with the specific URLs your Press Release was sent out to - for your confidence and tracking. Contact your Customer Success Manager to order or upgrade!