Publicity and marketing are what sell books. Interviews can be a large part of the publicity side of that equation. However, they can be hard to get. Fortunately, our connections to Stu Taylor enable us to land you an interview on one of his three widely syndicated Talk Radio shows, each of which airs in over 30 cities across the country:

  • Biz Talk Radio Networks Show - Airs in 32 cities
  • Radio America Network Show - Airs in 38 cities
  • Money Matters Radio Network - Airs in 34 cities

Since 2000 Stu Taylor has hosted nationally syndicated radio shows focused on interviewing published authors looking to tell their stories to millions of listeners.  The shows are broadcast in ninety cities on three major networks, plus an additional network, UR Business Network, the social media giant, which reaches another huge listening audience.  All the shows are streamed on the Internet.  Although three of the networks are listed as business networks, the content aired on the networks and on Stu’s shows is diverse, including
-Issues of the day
-And both non-fiction and fiction books

The interviews are conversational and conducted by telephone with Skype used for all overseas authors.  Stu engages authors with a pre-interview introduction and explanation of how the shows are conducted beforehand.