Whatever people may say about online advertising - there is still nothing that catches the eye like a print ad in a favorite magazine.

Our print advertising options are set up to offer you the chance to target your advertising to the exact people who buy and read your book genre. Writing science fiction or fantasy? Then why WOULDN'T you advertise in Asimov's Magazine? Got a good mystery? Well, there's an obvious audience for those books in the readers of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine!

Maybe you don't want to target the readers directly; maybe you want to make sure that librarians and retailers nationally and internationally? Well, Ingram's Advance Catalog could be the answer for you!

  • General
    • Ingram's Advance Catalog
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy:
    • Asimov's
    • Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy
  • Mystery
    • Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Any print advertising requires significant lead time; be sure to reach out as soon as possible!