You're an author now; time to let it show. Print materials is the marketing that stays with a person after they've met you. In many cases people will buy your book just because they've "met the author!". You know once they've read it they'll appreciate the book for what's in it, but make sure they are able to find it once they've met you in person. Or perhaps you wish to leave some material in the local bookstore, or cafe, or whever your readers may frequent. For these reasons, you're going to need some print materials - business cards, postcards, bookmarks, etc. We make it easy for you. Each will have all the information your potential reader will need to remember who you are, what your book is, and most importantly: where to find it.

Starter Pack: $149
250 Business Cards
50 Postcards

Pro Pack: $349
500 Business Cards
100 Postcards
5 18"x24" Posters

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    Press Release

    Sent to at least 250 different news outlets. Guaranteed exposure - see your press release on major news sites across the web! $250

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    Press Release Gold Star

    250 news outlets not enough for you? How about thousands? That's what you get with Gold Star. $750

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    Press Release document

    If you plan to send out your press release yourself, and you just need it written by a professional, this is the option for you. $100

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    Bookmarks, Posters, Postcards, and more. We've got you covered..

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    Print Ads

    Get your ad in one of the most read magazines in the country.

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    Any author worth his salt has their own website where they can showcase their work, and maybe even keep readers up to date on what they're working on for the future.

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    Bookstore shelf space

    Get your book on the shelves of bookstores across the country, in front of the eyes of those casual browsers, where they can pick it up and bring it home that day.