The first step to getting a book printed today is to have it in an editable, digital format - like MS Word. Not everyone writes into the computer; some still prefer typewriters, some still prefer handwriting. If your document is not in a standard digital format, we can get it there for you. Whether you wrote your manuscript on lined sheets in pencil or on 20# stock with an old Underwood typewriter, we've got you covered.

Our typists will take your document and enter it into MS Word, which is the starting point for virtually any publisher. From there we will be able to take it and make the book you want to see in print. We will need as clean a copy as possible - but do not submit your original: that document is priceless! Once we have the book entered, we will send you a digital file for your review (if you cannot read a digital file, we can send you a printed version for a small fee). Once you make any final corrections, return it to us and we can begin the publishing process!


  • Typewritten Original: $2.25 per page
  • Handwritten Original: $3.75 per page

Prices are based on final typed page with the following standard formatting: Courier, 12 point, double-spaced, 1 inch margins. You may request it be submitted to you in another format, but rates are based on the above.